Sakuta Tomiyuki

Concept of my work

I am making intaglio print for about 25years in Japan. My style of working had changed a few times. Recent works are based on my life. They are made from my several experiences, failure, deep thinking, and human relation.

I am living every day. I am thinking about something all the time. I often think too hard, so I am getting nervous and confused. Everybody don’t like these negative feelings. Neither do I. But everybody certainly have that. I may be thinking about tiny things too much. I know that, but I can’t escape from them.

If I should express something, it is that kind of my own feeling. Because that is the only one thing which I can believe. It is certain that there are sensitive feelings in the bottom of my heart. Their images are almost vague, dark, and fantagic ones. Although sometimes they make many holes into my body, and cold wind are blowing through there with leaves.

I like the drawing a human beings. Actually I am interested in only myself. I recognize that my every works are the same as “Self-Portrait”.

By the way, my process of intaglio prints are traditional style. At first, I try to draw that kind of feelings on paper by pencil. Some ideas are coming and going. This process is most hardest time. Finally, I finished the rough sketch, after that I can scratch the surface of the copper plate. I love solid sense of touch by needle point. I spend long time to make one work, because I like the detail of drawing by a lot of thin lines. This stoic process brings me comfortable time. I try to mix the several techniques, etching, aquatint and soft-ground. Sometimes I use the other special material for making unique textures. I think that these process and techniques are fitting me.

Janualy, 2008

Concept of my work

The collages work of Max Ernst impressed me 15 years ago ,and I thought “I will draw that collages by intaglio technique .” It was the starting point of my intaglio print work.

Normally the action of drawing contradicts the concept of collages. But in my case, the material for collages is temporary form for the sake of arousing the image. An object meets another one accidentally. Two forms are combined and a new image is born. The continuation, composition, deformation, and arrangement of many objects metamorphose mere material into unique form. Sometimes you will find curious form.

Concept of “Gathering” series of my work is that I try to push that process forward to the utmost limit, supposed by my own simple sense that the shape is interesting or not, and the vague image called surrealism. The final image of my picture is that paper is filled with propagating objects then the picture does not have the core of images and looks flat. All kinds of images overflow and then each of the objects loses its original meaning. Lyricism has vanished from the picture little by little. It has only pure form and color that are floating all over the space.

The process of intaglio prints transforms images into certain matters. The procedure of corrosion changes the surface representation to a work of great depth. The combination of etching, mezzotints, aquatints, and the other intaglio techniques make for various textures. I love solid sense of touch when the needle points scratches the surface of the copper plate. This stoic process brings me comfortable time.

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