Toine Klaassen

Toine Klaassen 1973 is born in Eindhoven The Netherlands.
Toine studied at The Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam 1995/2000

Thinking of art as a methodology of conviction, Toine Klaassen’s approach to art-as-research reveals how art may only be that form of activity that doesn’t conform to any other discipline of knowledge, or regulation of action. Klaassen’s in-residence activities produces a complex mix of taxonomical and empirical research, combining psychological and subjective investigations with a self-ironising mysticism that plays satirically with mainstream culture’s obsession with the artist-figure as a sort of ‘visionary’ primitive. Klaassen is both deadly earnest and impishly deceptive in his manipulation of the contradictory forms of his brand of esoteric rationalism.
Tekst by: JJ Charlesworth, Art Revieuw UK

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