Dan Palatnik

Iconising the iconics

We see in Dan Palatnik an Artist, a master who uses digital tool effortlessly to ” iconise the iconics”. His works of classic cars would have convey a total different visually appeal when the subject would have been executed in another medium and technique..
Dan is one of the leading artists of his generation using 3D programs to create artworks of this high level. No, It is not photography but yes, it is an artwork that is digitally constructed to make viewers aware of other possibilities/dimension in visual art.
The hundreds of re-modeled cars that Dan Palatnik has executed over the years have been possible due to his passion and love for these iconic objects. His patience and understanding of the digital tools he uses made it possible to bring these classics cars back to life
There is no doubt that Dan Palatnik has succeeded in bringing forth another artistic dimension for art lovers and collectors. Gallery Chiefs & Spirits is proud to represent the artist and his works in Europe Dan Palatnik lives and works in Rio de Janeiro

Artist’s Statement
“I have been an illustrator and graphic artist since 1983. I have always been hooked on vintage, classic and custom cars ranging from the 30s thru 60s, and found 3D to be the best way to depict my favourites. A 3D model can be rendered in countless angles, stances, environments and colors. Since I started using 3D programs I have made dozens of car models and a few boats, for visualisation, simulation and games. “

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