Eric Bleicher

A sailor without a harbour, an explorer without boundaries. Gliding on the wings of his paintings he scans the deepness of human emotions.

As discreet as secret he is always a man of symbols. His works are at the same time limpid and mysterious. His language is clear, comprehensible but nevertheless full of hidden messages waiting to be discovered and understood. He penetrates strange cultures, he catches magical rites, he translates long forgotten languages.

In the deep south of his world he invents and prepares his colours. As an alchemist dreaming of the finality of his craftsmanship

For 10 years already he caresses every night the silent drums of his serigraphic canvas. In the dark of the night he wakes us up to our enlightenment.

Recently his works have traveled to New York, for a confrontation with the eagerness of the cosmopolitan art lovers. Only a very few escaped and came back home.

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