Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi was born in Naples (Italy) and now lives in Rome that considers a point of departure and return for each phase of his life.

It is involved in photography since the late seventies years and gradually ceased to carry out this form to the descriptive function related to travel and to his studies in architecture, supporting the need for deeper search for a language to identify with.The meeting with the new digital technologies since 2000, gave new impetus to his photography, releasing the creative process and restoring continuity to the production chain, from capture to final print.

He attended  the workshops of Franco Fontana, Andrea Pistolesi, GB Gardin, and from all he learned something.

His point of view on photography undoubtedly reflects a pictorial view of space derived from the interest for the modern tradition of the  abstract-figurative “isms”of the artistic avant-garde of the early twentieth century. Mario Rossi intends the photography as a kind of existential therapy, research-oriented to formal relations between the fundamental elements that constitute the knowledge (the plan, lines, color) and which places man at the center of a space made of obsessive geometric patterns. He has exhibited in several galleries in Rome, Milan, New York and Lecce,  winning awards such as at the  “Premio Celeste Italia” in 2010.He is represented in The Netherlands by gallery “Chiefs&Spirits” in The Hague.

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