Mark Gmehling

Aesthetically speaking, Mark is a product of the graffiti scene of the late eighties. Beign bored of the scene that spins around itself, Gmehling employed various media, themes and techniques to create his iconic characters. Artists like Mark have widened the platform for graffiti art not just as street “understanding” but as an engaging encounter that would be confronted in a gallery space.

Mark Gmehling is a graduate of fine and applied art specialising in graphic design and marketing. He has worked in advertising for a while but now self employed as an illustrator. Marks is always experimenting with different media spanning from pencil to aerosol spray can, wacom tablet and now finally into 3D digital art

Inspired by pop-culture, Mark has created a body of work that is photorealistic. He would describe these sculptures as “Plastic bling bling”

Mark: My sculptures are metaphoric documentations of my reality. They encapsulate my point of view into totems which words can’t express.

Mark lives and works in Dortmund, Germany.

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