Sascha Berretz

Berretz (1970) tapped into rich pool of imagination in modern art and architecture, which he has made a topic of his work with allusions to Sigma Polke and Pop Art.

The intense technical effort and evident pleasure in the hidden complexity of his motifs are accompanied by extensive historical research . Sascha does this with mixture of fascination and mild irony. He lives and works in Germany

2013 Zollhaus, Hauset (Belgium)
2011 Raum für Kunst, Aachen
          Ostrale 011, Dresden
          Sascha Berretz, Wener Blaser, Thomas Schönauer
          Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
          Eremitage, Köln
           Galerie Netuschil Darmstadt
           Galerie Henn, Maastricht (Netherlands)
           Kunstverein Aalen
             Galerie Troner, Düsseldorf
              10 hoch minus 25, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen
            Bedauerliche Zutaten, St. Fronleichnam, Aachen

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