Thierry Vieux

The urban life most in particular of Marseilles and other cities abroad has created an indelible impression on Thierry’s source of inspiration. Meanwhile the street art, hip hop and the work of pop art icon ANDY WARHOL all lent hands to Thierry’s artistic sojourn

He has developed his own style by “recycling” old film posters of the 70′s to the 90′s with acrylic paint and stenciling to depict his icon. The artwork realized in the process recaptures the street walls you may find in the metropolis. Many famous figures in the entertainment and political world are redefined and re-iconised in Thierry’s works i.e. Marylyn Monroe, Ray Charles, James Bond to Che Guevara

You are invited to compose your own POP ART by mixing several ’30 x 30′ pieces of Thierry’s artworks as you like. You may have the same figure displayed in different colours or you may as well prefer having different famous figures composed to your taste. The choice is all yours! Have fun and enjoy your new personal creation.

Thierry Vieux works and lives in Marseilles, France. He has exhibited his work in several art galleries in Paris, Poitiers, Dijon, Bordeaux and Bohus-Björkö in Sweden

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